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A Milestone for VLC Media Player -VLC Crosses 1 billion Downloads

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VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media player available for cross-platform (i.e. for GNU/Linux, Mac & Windows). The VideoLAN Organization, who is the initial creator of this Free and Open Source Software has officially released the statistics of the number of downloads from their servers has crossed 1 Billion and yes it is one of the biggest Milestone for them. 

These statistics were started at the end of the February 2005, and does not includes the downloads from GNU/Linux, since the downloads of VLC from any GNU/Linux operating system is made through the repository of the Operating System and so they are unable to keep track of it.

Anyone who uses VLC Media player knows that it can play any multimedia files you throw at it. This is the key reason for its success even though its user-interface is simple and elegant. Another important reason for their success should be the community behind the development as it is an Free and Open Source, contributors from different parts made it possible.

Note:- VideoLAN Organization is a non-profit organization, now-a-days these non-profit organizations are big success just like how Wikipedia became a part of everyday life. This is a good change as it improves the way, the  society uses the computer.

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