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Bypass internet restrictions like fortiguard from your college/office in Ubuntu or any Linux distros

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Blocking the access to particular websites is a common phenomenon in our educational institutions in India. They (administrators) says that excess use of internet will ruin your studies. I don’t think so !! and it is not a valid reason to do block social networking websites like facebook, orkut, stumble upon etc and other video sharing websites like youtube. Because it is true most valuable information spread through such media only. It makes information more relevant and easy to access. It allows us to share anything in the whole world 

Now if you are troubled and get tired of useless tutorials on ‘how to unblock facebook/youtube ‘ then please stop one moment. I have gone through the same, so I will not ruin your time. I am explaining the most practical things.try it and let me know your thoughts on it . and this only for Linux users. Well I can suggest some software like Freegate, OpenVpn and Tor which run successfully to unlock internet restrictions from your college  for the Windows Software. How ever same technique can be applied to the Windows environment too.And thanks to Lejin Joseph who taught me this method..:) Click here to know how it can be done with Windows OS

Well what we are going to do here is we create a free bash ssh account offered by and access facebook or youtube or any blocked website through that ssh connection. This specific method is known as tunneling, most of you may heard of this. I am not gonna talk a lot of theory here..just gonna jump to the practical session. 

 Now let’s move on 

Step 1: Get an ssh bash account

Get a free ssh account from CJB.NET ..Click here and sin-up with your email( we will be needing the username and password )

bypass fortiguard


Step 2: Install PUTTY 

This is gonna be the easiest step open up the terminal(Ctrl+Alt+T)  and use the following command 

sudo apt-get install putty 

so easy 

Step 3 : Open up putty and Configure

Well this is simple.just open up the terminal(Ctrl+Alt+T) and type   putty

It will give you a cool UI as follows….fill out the following configuration details first

Port : 443
Host Name (or IP Address) :
Connection Type : SSH

unblock facebook

Now In the saved session type a name for this settings, I am using ‘bypass’ here and press on save to save them.

Now go to ssh -> Tunnels  and add a source post of 8080 (Dynamic )

unblock facebook

unlock facebook

Go back to to the sessions and click on the ‘bypass’ which we saved before press load to load the settings, and save again to update the tunnel configuration we have done. Now click on the open button.

free facebook unlock 

Now a shell prompt will be open up and use your password and username you got while the time of registration. note :password will not be shown while you type 

hack facebook

Leave the putty windows unclosed, Now it’s time to configure your proxy settings to get bypassed internet 

For Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 

Google chrome and internet explorer uses the default system configuration, so you can edit them to get the internet via ssh

go to settings(chrome )  and change the proxy settings ..the following screenshots will help you. First go to settings tab

change proxy

as the second step, take change proxy settings from network 

facebook hacking


change the Socks host to and port to 8080

free bypass facebook

That’s all now you will be able to access the blocked websites

Configure Mozilla firefox to get the connection

first go to settings (Edit->settings->) and take networks settngs

free proxy

And activate manual configuration and then get the values for socks host and port be changed to and port 8080 respectively

setup proxy


That’s it ..enjoy it and your precious comments please

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