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Educational games for the PS3 console

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Educational games for PS3 have put a spin on the more traditional aspects of schooling. They are gems that take the bore out of learning and make an appearance at the school gates, in the living room and on the shelf next to more intense software. They are chosen to be played and are ultimately enjoyed.

One such game is the National Geographic Challenge. The game marries the incredible images of National Geographic and the technological expertise of PS3 developers making for a stunning and somewhat addictive trivia game. The incredible quality of the more than 2000 visuals and 90 minutes of HD video brings the Nat Geo Wildlife Challenge to life and supports up to 4 players who can dive the deepest oceans and meander through the earth’s’ jungles to explore the planet’s incredible creatures. The game comprises more than 5000 questions and 15 quizzes for observation, memory and true or false trivia. Themes are scary from Dangerous Encounters to Predators vs Prey and wondrous too with Amazing Planet themes.

Family Game Night 3 from Hasbro sees Mr Potato Head guiding players through all their favourite board games. The classics make an appearance like Clue, Twister, Yahtzee and Mouse Trap. As far as games for PS3 go, this one provides endless family fun for up to 4 players and loads of in-game options to customize as you wish. There are numerous trophies to be earned and unlocked. Family Game Night 3 is a virtual theme park boasting all you favourite board games for fun, interaction and education.

Trivial Pursuit is a classic and on PS3 it provided a fast paced trivia thrill in an all new visual presentation that promises fun and fact learning. You can play this game alone or with up to 4 players as you try to answer trivia questions sure to get the grey matter moving. The game features all new game modes with loads of fresh questions and categories making for endless entertainment and the ability to be replayed over and over. The Facts & Friends mode allows you to guess if your opponents know the answers to the trivia and you can also track your own stats in a dedicated profile. PS3 may have been slightly slow off the mark when it comes to educational games, but they are gaining speed and popularity and these three games promise to get you thinking, learning and having a great time.

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