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Explore through World Wonders, Google launches new Project

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The places where real History sleeps are now on just far a click. Google launches new website as the part of Google Cultural Institute through which you can visit famous historic and cultural sites around the globe. Google’s World Wonders Project, which now helps you to visit 132 historic sites from about 18 countries, including the archeological features of famous Pompeii and¬† ancient Kyoto temples, Stonehenge etc. Except that natural places like rock domes of A Yosemite National Park in California¬† are also available in this site. The sites are classified based on continents except Antarctica and Africa.

The website is simple and user friendly with a lot of information which will help students to make projects. The coolest feature is the panorama view of each place including many still photos which will give a 3D effect of site visiting.

Visit the site here :



Sites are grouped geographically, including every continent except Africa and Antarctica

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