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Gmail Shortcuts for ease of work

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If you ask people about e-mail, Gmail will be the first word that comesfrom their mouth. In web you can’t live without it. Most of us, are unaware about the fantastic features that provided by gmail or the google itself. Some days ago while I was talking to my friend,He was wondered when I mentioned about the shortcut keys that meant for managing gmail fast and easy.
Many people did not even know that there is shortcut keys are available for gmail in your browser. Please do understand that Gmail is not just a website,instead it is an web application that provides free mail services. lets see the shortcuts that make your job easier.

Create, reply and send mail

  •  Compose mail (C or Shift+c) :This shortcut will bring the compose mail interface
  •  Send (Tab+Enter) :To send the composed mail. Just use this Navigate through
  •  Reply (R) : You can reply to that particular message.
  •  Reply all (A) : You can reply to all message recipients Forward a message (F)
  •  Next message (N) : This Shortcut can be used to navigate to next message
  •  Previous message (P): This Shortcut can be used to navigate to previous message


  • Open conversation (O or Enter) : This way you can easily open your conversations
  • Move to a recent conversation (K)
  • Move to an older conversation (J)
  • Returns to conversation list (U)


  •  Search (/) : It will move your cursor to search box
  •  Select a conversation (X) :This will automatically checks and select the
  •  Star a message or a conversation (S)
  •  Spam a message (!) : It will spam the message and remove from the conversation

Go to : Move to different locations

  • Go to inbox (G+I )
  • Go to drafts (G+D)
  • Go to Contacts (G+D)
  • Go to starred (G+S)
  • Go to all mail(G+A)


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