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Google Announces the New Cool interface for Google+

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Google had  just announced its new, cool  redesigned interface  for Google+.  The announcement was made via their official blog today evening. The new design is so interesting and cool looking in nature. We assume that the new design will be a great success for Google because it made a very good impression in the mind of techies.

Definitely Design is a major part which defines the popularity of a social networking site, and no doubt that this step will be a turning point for the cold war between Google and Facebook. According to the published screen shots, users will find the interface as easier to use and cool to look at and the most importance is given to simplicity. If we analyse carefully there we find some similarities with the Facebook‘s design, especially the new concept of cover pages and follow tabs, But considering the entire design it is negligible. And this is considered as a big turn because according to Google it has got over 170 million users in Google+


Better Photo Sharing Experience 

As we all know, one of the major reason behind the existence of a social networking site is the feature of Photo sharing. Recently Facebook made a deal with the popular photo sharing app Instagram with a cost of $1 billion is a nice example for that.  And in the new interface Google gave more importance to photos. More Bigger Photos and more eye catching look. As a special feature Google introduces coverpage photos for Google+ profile similar to Facebook timeline covers.  


The newsfeeds are displayed as  ‘Conversation Cards‘ which represents each conversation and displays them as separate cards with stylish photo tab. It enhances the readability and style without losing the whole  simplicity. Each card consist of  3 icons in the bottom +1d  , share and start a hangout about this post which makes sharing more good. Please note that each icon had been redesigned in such a way that they look  so stylish and classic.

More Importance to HANGOUT and CHAT BOX 

‘Hangouts’ was one of the attracting icon of Google+, A featured concept introduced by Google now got more importance in the new design. Through the hangout feature user is able to conduct a multiple video conferencing. The chat box has been moved to the right portion just below the hangout tab.This makes  chat box and hangout more visible and notable. And this makes chatting more easier. Google knows the choice of people  

Increased Flexibilty 

The Google Approaches the new design in such a way that user gets maximum flexibility on social networking. Google + allows users to drag the applications up and down to set where they want. The apps are integrated with some kind of hover techniques, so that they will be executing some beautiful actions on mouse hover. Users can also hide the apps which they don’t want. All these factor allows a ease of use social networking facility similar to Facebook(or more flexible than that )


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