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How You Can Improve GPS navigation In Android phone

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How You Can Improve GPS navigation In Your Android  phone

Waiting for the GPS in your Android phone to obtain a fix on its location is usually a actual pain, particularly when using navigation applications like Google Navigate. After all, you simply want directions to Friends’s house! Do you really want to stay there and get your phone explain how it is “Searching for GPS …” when you are aware where you stand and not where you are going?

Other apps which need your place to function correctly in order to check in, for example Four Square, Facebook, Endomondo, or Google+ might have this issue too and awaiting your position to show up will often take minutes.

Thankfully, there’s a way to reduce time you need to wait for your location, in order to get back to getting where you have to go.

So here is the solution :

The perfect solution comes as a handy app known as GPS Status and Toolbox. This application is a superb tool for your Google android phone as it puts you in charge of your phone’s built-in GPS. By using it , you are able to educate your cellphone to get rid of the cobwebs and obtain locating.

Almost all cell phones face problems when using the built in GPS due to issues with ephemerides. An ephemeris is basically a cheat sheet that the phone uses to assist it tell where any sort of GPS satellite will likely be at any moment throughout the day. An ephemeris, like bread, may go stale, turning it into considerably tougher for your phone to discover exactly where it really is.

To make up, phones download the info from the GPS signals it receives from satellites 12,600 miles above you. This is the reason it may sometimes take your phone (or any other GPS device for that matter) several minutes before it discovers exactly where it is. This really is sometimes called a cold start and they’re notoriously long.

Enter A-GPS, stage left. A-GPS utilizes a network connection (read WiFi, 3G, 4G, or 4G-LTE mobile phone users) to download ephemeris data straight to your phone for among the best working satellites to your specific area. This information is then stored in your phone which enable it to give your cellphone a fix with your position in seconds rather than minutes.


Controlling your A-GPS data with GPS Status and Toolbox is quick and easy.

1.Open GPS Status and Toolbox

2.Open the app’s menu by pressing your phone’s menu button

3.Select Tools

4.Select Manage A-GPS State

5.Select Reset to clear your phone’s GPS data cache

6.Repeat steps 2-4

7.Select Download

Be surprised with the new speed. The entire process should require a lot less than 20 seconds and definately will accelerate your GPS considerably. Now, you can get back to driving to Friends house with no frustration of getting to wait around for the cell phone to find out what your location is.

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