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iOS 6 Features Apple Maps and Siri soon for Macs?

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OS X 10.9, the next major software version of Apple’s desktop operating system, is equipped with Siri and Apple Maps. This at least maintains a current rumors of 9to5Mac, who refer to a supposedly source. Both features are currently only available in the newer iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch’s.

Siri and Apple Maps for Mac OS X 10.9, which only recently emerged in first weblogs are, currently still in the early testing stages. Accordingly, we can not currently determine whether they will be available until early next year. On that date, should appear OS X 10.9.

Just like iOS developer (via MapKit Framework) should also Mac developers can implement in future Apple maps in their apps. With the first iOS 6.1 beta update ten the Cupertino her MapsKit Framework, which now allows you to search for addresses and map-based Point of Interests.Unlikely a desktop implementation of Siri and Apple Maps definitely is not, finally implemented with Apple OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain known iOS features such as the Notification Center, AirPlay, AirPlay, Game Center,  Notes and iCloud document synchronization.

As long as Apple does not Maps looks back, should probably any implementation for Mac’s to be right:


Perhaps Apple will be developing even a single operating system for mobile and desktop devices? With iOS 6 and OS X 10.8, both firmwares are approaching definitely. 



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