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iPad Mini – How does it game?

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There have been rumours circulating for the last year, hushed whispers and secret discussions. All of them concerning whether or not Apple were going to be releasing a smaller version of their flagship iPad product. Apple denied it for a long time, but soon enough it began to become more and more clear that they weren’t going to say whether or not they had one whatever the case may have been. Whether this was a tactic designed to stop other companies from putting out their own knock off’s or if it was a deliberate ploy to get people talking about the possibilities is not clear, but what is clear is that now we have seen it, we like it. But it’s Apple, so what’s not to like?

As it is, the device itself is not that much improved from it’s previous, slightly larger incarnation. It weighs slightly less than it’s bigger sister, coming in at 308 grams (316 grams if you opt for the wi-fi and 3G or 4G option) with a smaller display, but surprisingly no different in the storage capacity. It still comes in an 16gig, 32gig or 64gig varieties giving you plenty of space to store your movies or games.

When it comes to playing, the screen size difference is really not that noticeable. Casino games on such sites like River Belle online casino  are just as clear and pin sharp as they were on the larger iPad, with the touchscreen being equally responsive in any situation. It’s clear that the intention behind this pint size piece of kit is to shrink only the screen and nothing else. This is clearly an important point, both for gamers and for Apple themselves. Being able to put out a product with the power of an iPad, but at the size of one of the latest e-readers, means that there is a whole new market to tap into.

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