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Making Your Internet Connection Pay You Back

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With the onset of the economic recession a few years back, salaries have been drastically reduced and job security is a major worry. The need to regularly pay one’s bills like water, electricity, gas and cable connection, as well as taking care of education, medical and other needs of the family, has drained the finances of many households. Maintaining one’s internet connection is yet another strain on the family income and savings. However, with some knowledge of the many deals available online, you can easily use the internet to increase your earnings. You can use your internet connection to avail of various value deals and discounts online.

Some of the ways in which you can earn a little extra cash from the comforts of your own home are listed below:

Visiting websites that offer discounts on various lifestyle services and products:

There are many ‘daily deal’ websites that offer huge discounts on products like clothes, games, baby related items like toys, rompers, diapers and accessories; as well as services like a day at the spa, dinner at top star restaurants and adventure park discounts. Besides, some websites offer you additional discounts or points when you refer a friend.

Registering yourself on content writing websites:

If you have a way with words and enjoy writing, there are websites that offer to pay you to write articles for their clients. The payment is usually on a ‘per article’ basis and can be a good source of supplementary income. The advantage of offering your freelancing writing services on such websites is that you can work from the comforts of your own home and at your own flexible timings.

Blogging and earning revenue through advertisements on your blog:

Blogging has become a popular way of showcasing your talents online. There are online blogs on so many different topics today. Whether you have a talent for fashion, food, travel or anything else, there is a lot of scope for you to show your passion and talent to the world through a specialized blog. There is a two-fold gain in having your own blog. The first advantage is that your potential and talent can be recognized by a massive audience and the second benefit is the fact that you can make money through advertisements displayed on your blog.

Selling your business proposal online:

The web is full of social networking sites, the more popular ones being Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can use these websites to sell your proposals. For example, you can make a separate profile on Facebook for your business venture like a cake baking business or a design store. With the features available like adding photographs and videos, your venture can easily be seen by many and become an instant success.

Selling through auction websites:

There are many auction websites that allow you to buy and sell your used or unwanted goods which are albeit in good condition. Your junk could easily be someone else’s treasure. The more popular sites like ebay and Amazon have become major successes since they were established. Trading on such websites has become very popular and many people have made it a part-time business.


The internet has grown by leaps and bounds since it came into being and there are many different ways in which people can make money online while sitting at home. However, there are many ways by which the internet can be misused and online fraud encouraged. It is up to each individual to be wary and use the internet carefully and for the good of everyone concerned.


Kara Fielder is a working mom with two kids who understands the importance of frugal living. She enjoys sharing her tips and tricks on how to save money by blogging regularly for a variety of websites. Visit the cheapsally link for codes and coupons.

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