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Maximise Your Chill Out Time and Save Money with a Home Cinema System

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With cinema prices continuing to rise in 2013 and prices of technology decreasing, more and more people are being turned off the idea of heading in to the cinema and instead opting for a cheaper more comfortable experience in their own home. Home cinema systems are growing ever more popular nowadays as people are starting to take more pride in their living room setups.  Quality sound systems are decreasing in price whilst streaming services such as Netflix and LoveFilm only cost a few quid per month.

The essentials for a great home cinema system:

  •  HD TV or Projector (projectors are more suitable for big rooms)
  •  Soundbar or Surround Sound System (Soundbars are ideal for smaller living areas such as 1 bed flats etc)
  •  Blu Ray Player (you can pick these up for cheap nowadays)
  •  Good internet connection with a streaming service such as Netflix (Apple TV or a gaming console will be needed to play these through your TV or projector)
  •  A comfortable sofa (or beanbags)
  •  Last but not least… snacks!home theatre


Cheaper than the cinema

The cinema is extremely expensive nowadays with tickets costing £10 and upwards. I went to see The Hobbit last month and I was charged £12 for a ticket! Yes, £12! Ticket prices have more than doubled in the last ten years which is keeping people out of the cinema, instead preferring to watch films in the leisure of their own home. A quality sound system will sound even better in your own home, plus you won’t have any pesky kids throwing popcorn around, unless you have kids of your own that do that!

Streaming is the Way Forward

Netflix in particular has spearheaded the streaming movement. Recently it has signed exclusive deals awith publishers to stream TV shows such as Arrested Development. Disney has also signed a deal which will allow a number of their films to be watched exclusively on Netflix from 2016 onwards. Getting such companies on board is a huge step forward for Netflix and an even bigger one for home entertainment in general. Watch unlimited films and TV shows, what more can you ask for?!

The consumer is more powerful than ever in 2013, enamoured by choice, things such as pure evoke dab radios, Sennheiser CX300headphones iPod speakers and home cinema systems are more affordable than ever. Get involved! 

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Paul is a professional journalist and blogger. A self-confessed geek, he enjoys all things sound and vision. He reviews the best (and worst) devices and gizmos for your pleasure and so you don’t have to.


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