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Must have App for every frequent traveller

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In case you’re richer in frequent-traveller miles than Bill Gates in Dollars and you’re having trouble to track that, Track My Life is a gasp of relief for you.The app available free on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone has been rewarded several prizes and has been selected App of the Month and App of the Day repeatedly.

By running automatically in the background mode of your smartphone, Track My Life is able to provide you with information like how much time you spend at home, work, and on your way to work.Due to the fact that Track My Life uses location information your smartphone took anyways only rather than starting you gps sensors, your phone’s battery is not drained at all. 

Track My Life is the optimal app for everyone who happens to spend more time on airplanes and trains than David Hasselhoff in the drunk tank” says 21 year old app creator Alexander-Derek Rein.Check out the dedicated app website in order to get more information and download links for your smartphone:

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