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ONLINE VNC 2.1 with New features and updates

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What is Online VNC

There are many tools available in the internet by which we can manage and control your PC remotely, But I am gonna talk about the best, efficient and modern software which used for the same purpose- That is OnlineVNC.  The difference of VNC from other software is that in addition they use a web browse as a client environment. And the ultimate speed of this service will give you a live experience so that you wouldn’t be feeling that your PC is controlled via internet.

What does software do ? It’s for remote usage. If you are stuck with a desktop problem and you don’t know how to do it. using Online VNC the user can share the desktop and it’s functions with a single click and through his web browser. No additional software are not required to do so. 

This software is too important and useful for a system admin who has a lot of PC’s to control. The robustness of this tool must be appreciated. The system admin of the server will be able to access remote systems event if the user is not logged in or the computer is locked. One Good news is that this is highly OS compatible, it can handle the remote systems with any kind of OS most probably for Microsoft windows, Linux or MacOSX. 

And it is absolutely cost nothing, yea it’s a freeware

What is extra in the New version ?

The Online VNC team is periodically analyses the software performance and releases each new version after fixing the bugs found in previous version. Now the latest release is Online VNC version 2.1 

Download the latest version Here 

The new version comes with an added feature of Online VNC control panel which can be easily used to control the VNC server most effciently.

How to use the New Online VNC control panel to administer the online VNC Server

The OnlineVNC Control panel is not just a tool for administering the online VNC server, it helps to manage the same with a good efficiency. The control panel will be directly connected to the same computer server on which VNC is running. You will be needing a one time physical access to the target computer for a number of important configurations. With the combination of IP address and master password or hostname or master password the admin will be able to connect to the target via Online VNC server remotely ( The new control panel helps to do that). 


Just start the OnlineVNC Control Panel. From the left pane Select the Remote Machines . Right click on the machine and select the choice Administrate Remote Server  



Make use of the IP address and master Password and click to authenticate


Now  you will be having your connected systems available in the left pane.You can select them or nested items and have configurations.


By default the port number used is 5959 and it can be changed by HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OnlineVNC\OnlineVNC Server\controlPanelPort 

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