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Plants vs. Zombies: Keep Zombies Out of Your House

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Don’t let the cute childish graphics fool you. Possibly one of the most innovative tower defense games ever released in recent history, Plants vs Zombies requires a certain amount of skill and strategic intuition to master fully. Though the various mini-games are quite challenging in their own right, in this walk through we’ll put the spotlight on defeating the main game’s pesky boss, Dr. Zomboss (and his huge robot zombie creation).

Sun Production

Planting Sunflowers should always be a top priority. Keeping the first two lanes on the left filled with Sunflowers (or Sun-shrooms when playing on a night level) is enough for a steady healthy rate of Sun production. Later in the game, the Twin Sunflower upgrade can be bought from Crazy Dave. Though this plant can give players twice the normal amount of Sun, this should only be placed on the lawn when all the necessary number of Sunflowers are already planted.

Sunflowers must never be planted on night levels. The Suns that are wasted on Coffee Beans (to wake the Sunflowers up) can be used for other more useful plants. Sun-shrooms should be sufficient enough for night levels.

Battle Strategy: Plant Selection

First off, the staples that should always be in every player’s arsenal, no matter the playing style:

Sun producers: Sunflowers, Sun-shrooms for night levels.

Cheap attackers to keep the initial waves of zombies at bay: Peashooters, Puff-shrooms, Sea-shrooms (for pool levels), Kernel-pult (for roof levels).

Mass annihilators to instantly mow down clumps or groups of zombies in one go: Jalapeno, Cherry Bomb, Squash.

Some zombies are weak against certain kinds of plants. Equipping these plants usually depend on the kind of zombies that can be found on a specific level.

Magnet-shroom: Can instantly lower the defense and toughness of Football, Buckethead, Screen Door, Ladder, Jack-in-the-Box, and Pogo Stick Zombies.

Fume-shrooms can also go through the defense of Screen Door Zombies while a Cactus or Blover can take care of airborne Balloon Zombies. Pole Vault Zombies cannot go over Tall Nuts. Bungee Zombies can be stopped by an Umbrella Leaf.

A player initially starts out with five slots for plants. It’s highly recommended to get slot upgrades from Crazy Dave as soon as possible.


Other Tips And Tricks

Never underestimate the power of the lowly Garlic. It’s practically the most useful plant in the game. By diverting zombies into other lanes, it can help you save Sun for more powerful plants.

If you’re an offensive player, consider using a Torchwood and Repeater/ Gattling Pea (upgrade) combo. The Torchwood adds extra attack damage to peas that pass through it. When a burning pea strikes a zombie, it inflicts splash damage to nearby zombies. It also clears up fog for a short period of time.

Squash is cheap, and can be used as a capable substitute for Jalapenos, Cherry Bombs or Potato Mines. If you’re up against Gargantuars or Zomboni, it’s nice to keep this plant handy.

To kill Dr. Zomboss faster, use an Ice Shroom to freeze his head whenever he lowers it. This gives your plants more time to attack him.


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