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ServerClub – Dedicated Secured server hosting With 99% upTime

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Are you a webmaster? You own a blog? If YES then here you are going to get something interesting. Here we are going to unveil some facts and features about dedicated servers and we are providing some links from where you can purchase your own server. Are you ready?

What is dedicated server?

A server that is hosted by a company and only allows one company to lease and access it is called a dedicated web server. This server is dedicated to the client. All the authorities are with its client. Dedicated servers usually allow the client to choose what operating system is installed on it and what type of hardware. All the service control and other administrative work can be done by client itself and this is the magic from getting such dedicated server for your websites and other works. Now the question is from where we can buy such trustworthy dedicated servers? The answer is just below this paragraph.

ServerClub :

ServerClub is a brand registered to the Florida-based company ServerClub Inc. Initially Server club was dedicating this service to its company only but as the company grows and got some respect from the others, it is now inviting the people around world to taste the service of this amazingly well known club, serverclub.

Sever club has many options to choose one for your own business or your own company. There are basically three different types available here which can appropriate for all kinds of business.

1 ) Unlimited traffic plans :

This plan will serves you the unlimited traffic and unrestricted amount of visitors. After purchasing this plan client need not to worry about anything like penalization for high bandwidth or CPU usage, client will get its full benefit and he need not to worry about how many GBytes or Mbits your web server utilizes.

2 ) Limited Volume Traffic :

This plan is calculated by the Server club itself. Client need to look forward on to the space and memory that he is using. Here ServerClub calculates the total number of bytes transferred to and from your server. Client need to pay for every Gbytes.

3 ) 95th percentile :

This is a method of measuring bandwidth based on peak utilization. Here all the calculation done by serverclub itself and it is measured by Mbit.1 Mbit per second equals to 1000*1000 bits per second.  Here clients are allowed to choose other plans in terms of the uses and needs of their work. They can calculate themselves and choose an appropriate plan for their work. Serverclub is there with all kind of plans. You just need to decide which one to choose.

How to order a dedicated server from Serverclub?

The process of purchasing unlimited hosting from dedicated server aka serverclub is simple. You just need to contact them through email, drop your email or send them a mail to If you are a social network addicted one you can follow serverclub at .

Serverclub will give you a satisfied service with its 24*7 support system. It has dedicated members which are there to help its clients on anytime. Plus some more additional and reliable schemes are there to make you more happier. If you want to own a dedicated server ServerClub could be the best choice of yours. 

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