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Some Scenarios Are Incomplete Without These Modern Tools

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Every time an invention is made or a technological breakthrough is introduced, there once was an unmet need for something. In the business world, that is just the way startups are born. If there is no need for a product, there absolutely is no market for it. Makes sense, right?

This is why when you’re selling something, the best avenue to take is to create a need for your product or service. This, of course, can be tricky, but the best salesmen and marketers have proven time and time again that it can be done.

As you are probably aware, technology has changed our lives so profoundly that living without it for just a day is quite unimaginable for many. Imagine the Internet going down at exactly the same time you’re supposed to be sending out important e-mails. If you’re a web worker, you probably are already seeing red right at this minute, even just playing the scenario inside your head.

To reinforce the point that some scenarios are pretty hard to imagine without some nifty technological inventions, consider the following situations:

1. When phone signal is too weak

When the need to travel beckons, whether for business or whatnot, staying in touch with the people who count on you is vital. Thanks to the never-ending “smartification” of mobile phones, keeping bonds and connections alive is possible despite the distance separating you from family, friends or colleagues.

Then again, as we all know, there’s nothing perfect in this world. Despite the many breakthroughs in the telecommunication arena and the numerous infrastructure upgrades telephone companies have put in place to better serve their customers, there are times when the need to boost cell phone signal still crops up because of signal attenuation. This usually happens when inside a building, the basement of a building or in a far-flung area where mobile phone towers are few and far between.

If you’re a merchant and your business is located in areas such as the above, to ensure your clients are able to make phone calls and send messages, you might be interested to know that there are mobile repeaters specifically designed for buildings, houses, even cars.

2. When information needs to be gathered and protected

There are things that are for public consumption, including information. And then, there’s information that cannot fall, at any rate, in the wrong hands. This might jeopardize public safety or the safety of an individual, hence, the need for covert communication in law enforcement, protection of an eyewitness or a high-profile figure.

Because of the nature of their work, especially in the information gathering and protection department, expect some of our law enforcers (or bodyguards) to be using gadgets ranging from a GSM earpiece to glasses with a hidden camera.

Oh, and if you’re not aware, they used trickier gadgets before – like a coat camera that’s hidden in a buttonhole, a recording device in the heel of a shoe, pigeons taking shots of enemy territory via cameras on autoshoot, among others. (Animal rights proponents would probably not be happy to know this last piece. Well, who can blame them?)

The above examples are just two of many situations where technology and modern tools play a vital role. What other situations can you cite?

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