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The ‘Godspeed Internet’ Comes to The God’s own country

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The God of Internet Google have recently launched ‘Google Fiber’ -the innovative 1Gbps internet in Kanas City of United States . This innovative technology was launched at a Startup village in Kanas City which is a leaging tech incubator in United States. And this has been praised for it’s low cost, high quality internet with ultimate speed. The users says that it will take only 20 seconds to download a 2 hour HD movie…that’s nice, people always like to be fast.

Now this golden opportunity to experience this God speed is gonna get for the Startup village from Kerala. This is because Kochi has two submarine optical cables passing through  near by ocean and hence it becomes the first city to experience the superfast internet. As a keralite I am proud of this, because after Kanas City the startup Village of Cochi in Kerala will be the second place in the whole world, where we will be able to experience ultimate fast internet connectivity not so far away .Kudos to those youngsters who are gonna use this ultra fast facility in Startup Village including my dear friends Sachin Krishna, Sojan V Jose and Vimal Vincent. And this step is some kind of serious revolution, because it can  transform Kerala Startup Village to world’s major lead in Information Technology.  

Listen to the words of Sijo George Kuruvila, CEO of Startup village about this

“The new connectivity comes as a milestone in our efforts to ensure the most conducive atmosphere of growth for the increasing number of incubates. World-class infrastructure facilities will prompt the young companies to perform and meet the global competition”  

Now Let’s wait for it  

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