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Time for Samsung galaxy s3 / galaxy sIII ?? – Photos, Release Date, Features and Rumours

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Samsung galaxy s3 , rumorus , release date, specifications

Samsung galaxy s3


Samsung Galaxy s3 Release date confirmed to May 3 2012 – Read more here


UPDATE : Click here for more images, latest rumors about releasing date, specifications, quad core processor, new features like wireless charging, water resistance etc.. :-)

Still, Galaxy s2 Smartphone is a flagship product of Samsung Mobiles, which raises tight competition for Apple’s Iphone series phones. The important feature of Galaxy series phones s that, they work on Android platform, rather than using any proprietory platforms, such as iOS of Apple or Windows Mobile of Microsoft.
Right after the relase of galaxy s2(or galaxy sII), rumours began to spread about Galaxy s3, just like the rumorus about iphone 5, but not that intense !!. And by that time Samsung had launched their another smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note.
Here we have got a little collection of all the details you really were searching for about samsung galaxy s3.

There are still no official announcements from Samsung’s side about Galaxy s3. But recently some product images were leaked somehow.

samsung galaxy s3 leaked pictures

samsung galaxy s3 leaked image

Most of the people talk about the processing power that samsung is going to add in their Galaxy s3. Since there are many developments made by samsung in the processing technology in smartphone scenario, expectations are that the galaxy s3 will be powered by a Quad core processor or atleast a dual core proecessor, with some advanced graphics capabilities.
However recently leaked informations tells come with a 1.5GHz Samsung Exynos quad-core processor.

Again about the display, Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to have a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED+ HD screen with a very thin bezal and “a ceramic ‘micro arc oxidation’ back”, whcih is surely an improvement and can deliver heaven like display quality. This signifies that this smartphone will surely have a high graphics support.

Another rumour is that samsung galaxy s3 will have 2GB of RAM, 12MP camera and a 2250mAh battery and a body thickness of about 8 – 12 mm.

Expected relase date is May 20th. And also Samsung had promised that they will announce the launch via twitter. :)

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