Top 9 Twitter Feeds For Real-Life Courtroom Drama Addicts

Did you follow every argument made during the Casey Anthony trial? Did you know the evidence against Jodi Arias better than Jodi herself? Did you get totally swept up by story of George Zimmerman? 

Be honest: sometimes a nationally-publicized trial is more entertaining than an episode of Law and Order. What makes these trials so fun to follow is the juicy details that emerge with every new day of media coverage. If you’re the type of person who loves hearing about real-life courtroom dramas that capture the nation’s attention, you should be following these Twitter feeds. That way, you’ll get the facts before anyone else does.

1) Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace is the reigning queen of courtroom drama, and her Twitter feed is a fantastic way to follow every twist and turn of any trial that is in the news. You’ll not only get updates about various trials as they happen, you’ll also stay informed about who will be interviewed on her show.

2) Team Nancy HLN

Want to get an inside peek on how Nancy Grace makes her show? This account, run by the producers of the Nancy Grace television program, keeps her fans informed of the show’s every move.

3) HLN

Grace’s employer, HLN, usually has the most extensive coverage of any major trial. Their Twitter feed covers breaking news from big-name cases, as well as commentary from HLN anchors.

4) Instant Checkmate

Did the defendants of the trial have a rap sheet before they were put in the media spotlight? Find out by using Instant Checkmate’s public records database service. You can search public records to see mugshots, arrest records, and even marriage and divorce information. Follow them on Twitter to get all of the website’s latest updates.

5) Beth Karas

Want some really keen insight on the happenings of the latest big trial? Follow Beth Karas, lawyer and legal analyst extraordinaire. She has an uncanny ability to make you rethink where a case is going in 140 characters or less.

6) Jane Velez-Mitchell

Jane Velez-Mitchell is a smart commentator on hot legal matters, and will be releasing a book on the Jodi Arias trial soon. Follow her Twitter feed to get her latest thoughts on the legal story of the moment.

7) Anne Bremner

If you religiously watch television trials, you’re probably already familiar with Anne Bremner. She has been booked on just about every major television news program to offer her insight into famous court cases. Follow her on Twitter to get her thoughts before she provides them on air.

8) In Session

In Session is a two-hour television show on TruTv and HLN that provides up-to-the-minute coverage of major trials. Subscribe to the show on Twitter to get all  the latest developments.

9) Anna R. Yum

Anna R. Yum is a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney based in San Diego.  She brings her experience from both sides of criminal trials to offer analysis you can’t get anywhere else. Follow her on Twitter to see what she has to say and form your verdict before the jury does. 

Be A Well-Informed Trial Watcher

The power of Twitter is that it can deliver information to your computer or smartphone faster than was ever possible before. By getting info on major trials from multiple angles, you’ll wow your friends and coworkers with your extensive knowledge of whatever new courtroom drama is dominating media airtime. 

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Anne Phillip is a writer from Riverside, California.  She writes about television, social media, and crime.

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