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Www Unfriend Finder Fr Unfriend_finder User Js - Tips and Updates 2013

Posted on February 26, 2013 - Under: Tutorials.


addon/748) 2. Restart Firefox after that. If Greasemonkey is installed, and you should see a smiling brown monkey head in the top-right corner of Firefox,    next to the search bar . Close if you have opened Facebook.     3.Install facebok unfriend finder Scrpit (Works for Firefox) :  (google chrome wil show Not verified userscript. Try in firefox.) If Greasemonkey is properly installed, t…

TED – Spreading Ideas all over the world

Recently  I was just preparing the slides for my seminar presentation, as the part of  my classes. I have got 20 minutes and I have to present my idea so that the people who hear me could clearly understand my idea. The Marks will be awarded based on my performance on the presentation. I would to like say about  some great web stuff  which helped me to improve my presentation skills while I was preparing for my seminar. TED- Ideas Worth Sharing….

How to Improve the User Experience of Your Touch Screen Kiosk

If you have a touch screen kiosk installed in the building (or branches) of your business, even if you’re merely considering purchasing one, there are one or two questions you might want to ask yourself about it. Firstly, think about your experience with web sites, whether accessed via a computer or a mobile device. Have you ever used one which was difficult to navigate, or required too much effort to complete a simple task? If you have – and we…

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