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Bypass Geo restrictions and Watch your favorite channels : UnoTelly – An intelligent DNS Streaming Service

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Entertainment is one of the important area in everyone’s life, because most of us like to entertain our life. And for past 20 years television is one of the big entertainment source available And cable-TV services are one of the big money making services in the world. I used to watch  a lot of TV, and use them as kind of work to kill time. The biggest challenge I am facing with this is that the geo restrictions which kills my thrill to watch TV. Many Good channels are restricted in my area..This is a common problem for most of the people outside US. In all countries there will be restricted channels which can be our favorite but unable to access because our Tele service operator doesn’t have permissions to access them. 

But this is the time for revolution, internet comes to our help solve this help. most of things in the business world won’t work with help of internet. There is no limit for what can you do online. And here we introduce a cool web based tele service which may be so helpful for you which will help you to bypass geo restrictions of your country 

You can enjoy your favorite services without any geo -restrictions. How ??? Let me introduce an online streaming tele-service-Unotelly – An online TV service that bypass geographic limitations. You may be wondering how it can happen without a proxy service..let me explain, Unotelly is a kind of very intelligent DNS service. It will change your current IP address so that you can stream Online TV without any geo-restrictions.  The big advantage is that it is not limited to your personal computer, you can stream the TV into any devices with high streaming speed and support with a few steps of configurations .

Don’t worry about Speed, It’s not VPN 

There is a common doubt  that why we don’t use vpn to remove all the geo-based restrictions. Yes you can use a VPN, but the disadvantage is that the VPN is a like a tortoise, it won’t perform in a high speed, instead the entire internet activity speed will be down. The basic principle behind this VPN service is tunneling which slows down the internet. But Unotelly uses entirely different mechanisms to stream the videos don’t be worry about the speed.

And another problem with the VPN is that it can become any time unstable, you need to check whether the connection is active or not, if not active you have to re authenticate it and so on. But you don’t be facing such painful procedures in the case of Unotelly..It’s a kind of intelligent premium service 

You won’t be able to get the support for a VPN in the devices other than your computer. Most of the smart tv’s and setup boxes won’t work with VPN so you don’t get a home TV experience, the solution is to use Unotelly service so that you can experience an ultimate  TV entertainment experience.

Support for a wide range  of devices and OS independent 

I am not joking !!! Here is the list of devices that supported by Unotelly 

  •  PC(Windows )
  • PC( Mac)
  • PC( linux)
  • PS3
  • XBOX360
  •  iPhone
  • iPad
  • iTouch
  • Android phones
  • Playbook
  • WD TV Live
  • Roku
  • Boxee box
  • OpenElec
  • XBMC
  • Apple TV
  • Google TV
  • LG smart TV
  • Sony TV and players
  • Panasonic VIERA
  • Samsung TV and players and all routers including DD- WRT.

Wow that’s great, Very wide and big support of devices. More than that it offers the os dependency. You have no worry for either Windows or Linux based OS like

Access for  Around 7O  restricted  Channels 

Unotelly is too cool in it’s services. They Offers around  70 restricted channels for their  customers. Those channels will be your most favorite, Some of them are Netflix, HuluPlus, CWTV, Amazon, BBC iPlayer and MTV. You can see our entire list of channels in this address: 

How much I pay for this ???
This will be the most expected question from a customer point of view. Because the customer wants to get the quality of output that they pay for. This is one of the trusted areas of Unotelly service, it offers the ultimate delivery of their service. The customer satisfaction is one of their primary target, and hence you will  get what you pay for . The 100% money back guarantee is one of the best example, if you are not satisfied with service you can ask your money back within 7 days of purchase, you will get back complete fund. More than that, you can have a free trial with the Unotelly services . Wow cool offers, don’t give them up :)
And now coming to the price plans, mainly three plans are there , the minimum cost for to buy an account for one year for just $3.99 per month..That seems to very cheap. And you can see the three plans in details by clicking here 
 Enjoy it :)

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