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ZOHO DIY Web builder site Launches today – The Google sites Got new competitor

Posted by . which is a comprehensive web service provider, have more than 5 million users on web has launched new DIY web builder site called Zoho site. Now zoho has a new service to compete with Google. The question is will it be a success or not.

Now about Zoho sites, this is a DIY (Do It Yourself ) type online web site builder which will help you to build a site within minutes. The highlight is that the user don’t need  any programming or technical knowledge on HTML,CSS or any other language. The site allows you to create a new website from scraps or upload your own files. There are some free themes available and what user need to do is just drag the widgets, drop it somewhere in the site and add contents to that. 
Another feature of this site is that, we can also design a mobile compatible website too. More than that it comes with the support of Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google+, YouTube, Google Adsense  and Google Adwords, Not only for Google, we can integrate our website with Picasa, Flickr,  Facebook and Twitter
Comparing with Google sites it is more better, because Google sites provide those structures which is more personal in design, and here in Zoho we have lot more options of selection and customization as free service. And more services and facilities are available for paid customers, just for $39/year including 6 websites and a blog with unlimited pages.

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